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it's not just that. it's because now that every computer and console is capable of rendering as many texture mapped and fully shaded triangles as there are pixels on the screen, at 60fps in 24-bit truecolour 1080p, there is really nothing visual to distinguish between the output of an XBox One from a PS4 or a PC. Any game that is produced for the different machines can use exactly the same assets and look identical on all of them.
The primary aim of 3D graphics is to look realistic which is where 3D graphics hardware is converging. The primary aim of 3D audio is to sound realistic which is where 3D audio hardware is converging. The primary aim of vibrating controllers is to feel realistic which is where vibrating controllers are converging. This hardware doesn't have to be used to produce something realistic but it makes sense that it is becoming more and more capable of this. I consider this progress which I would like to see on the Amiga as well.

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But what i mean is the certain "look" that each computer used to have, that was the result of the hardware limitations, that gave each its own character, which you don't get now. Maybe the XBox One sometimes drops a few frames here and there if there's too much detail, but nobody would see that and think "ah, good old XBone graphics," it's simply an inadequacy.
The look and even sometimes feel was due to hardware limitations. Modern games still have a look and feel just not based on hardware limitations. Take Borderlands, for example, which chose a kind of cartoonish 3D look and used lower resolutions which allows the frame rates to be higher. The game creators have more control to innovate and be artistic without the limitations.

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