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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
However, its simply the natural evolution towards real time photo realism. It is natural to aim for that.
and i'm not knocking that. but, for instance, you can look at any C64 graphics and immediately recognise it as C64, same for Sinclair Spectrum and any other computer of that era. Atari ST and Amiga were already getting a bit more difficult to distinguish, at least, it was easy enough to convert from ST to Amiga without changing anything (even though the Amiga could do better)...

But what i mean is the certain "look" that each computer used to have, that was the result of the hardware limitations, that gave each its own character, which you don't get now. Maybe the XBox One sometimes drops a few frames here and there if there's too much detail, but nobody would see that and think "ah, good old XBone graphics," it's simply an inadequacy.

That's partly why people still like to do retro-games, and retro-art as well, i suppose, because it has a character, or some whimsically atmospheric quality that's hard to explain. The hardware itself brings something unique to the result, whereas with the more advanced hardware the limitations don't have anything positive to add anymore. The same goes for sound as for graphics. But not so much for programming, i suppose, since Turing Completeness already happened a long time ago!
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