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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
it's not just that. it's because now that every computer and console is capable of rendering as many texture mapped and fully shaded triangles as there are pixels on the screen, at 60fps in 24-bit truecolour 1080p, there is really nothing visual to distinguish between the output of an XBox One from a PS4 or a PC. Any game that is produced for the different machines can use exactly the same assets and look identical on all of them.
Thats not entirely accurate. Especially the Xbox One is struggling with 1080p.
So the limitations are not quite gone yet. And its very obvious that the WiiU doesnt have the power to run something like "The Order 1886".
But sure, I get what you mean.

We will probably see another generation of 4k capable consoles before we go down the cloud streaming path...
That generation will probably remove the last distinguishable limits among them.

However, its simply the natural evolution towards real time photo realism. It is natural to aim for that. Polycount + adaptive tesselation will be "good enough" within a console generation or so"... Right now we still need to fake lightning for true realism.. but progress is being made for real time solutions and next console gen will come close to "pre-rendeted" stuff of today. But we still need at least 4k before we stop distracting our eyes with low resolution.
As for VR, not even 8k res is enough. So the hunt for more bandwith will continue beyond the next generation.

When we get there, the console brands will have less meaning than today. But Im guessing this is more than simply one generation away.

If we fast forward 20 years and then look back at all this.. it will all fit together nicely.
The hardcore Atari 2600 fans probably thought that the 16-bit consoles and computers "all look the same" but when things are put into proper perspective it all adds up...
The Amiga had several styles early on, including 2d platformers, 2.5D RPGs and 3d polygons...
Lets simply enjoy the various styles posibble by the different hardware over the years and obsess less with whst particular style should be associated with a proper retro-amiga :-)
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