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alexh: ok I will test with that setting. Yeah in games that stop and wait for input the current warp is ok, but some games load a level and immediately start gameplay. It is also not only load time, some in game sequences can be boring/slow and useful to skip a bit in.

Another idea: maybe I can slow the warp by sending a quick scripted sequence of pause unpause commands during the warp? Tame warp speed through warp speed pause toggling, so to speak. I found an old thread about external programs talking to WinUAE where Toni wrote "WinUAE has named pipe that can be used to send input events". There is mention of a tool ipctester.exe there but I can't find it. Can someone give a link to that tool or some other e.g. command line tool or script example on how to send a command, like a letter for the winuae keyboard, from Windows? Once I have that I can test my quick pause toggling idea.
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