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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
all hardware has limitations.

actually i like limitations, just like some people like solving a maze, while another person prefers to run about in the open field.
Yes, there will always be hardware limitations. For programmers who like the old Amiga limitations as a challenge, they can keep targeting as low of an Amiga spec as they wish going back all the way to an unexpanded Amiga 1000. With new compatible Amiga hardware, this target could have the advantage of working on more Amiga computers (old and new if well written). IMO, creating good modern games is at least as challenging as good retro games on limited hardware.

Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
another thing i like about the old computers is that you can just look at a screenshot and tell what computer or console it was from. the limitations gave everything an identifiable style. with modern hardware games look the same on everything.
That is because FPS type games have taken over. I have nothing against FPS games and even enjoy the better ones but I would like to see other types of games return to popularity. The classic Amiga is best at 2D low color (maybe dual playfield) platform games. More colors, more bandwidth, larger bobs, more layers including a chunky layer, higher resolutions and more processing power could enhance these types of games as well as becoming competitive with 2D sprite based games from old consoles (as well as allowing full speed emulation of more consoles). Jay miner tried to remove hardware limitations (the blitter name came from the Amiga!) so the Amiga could be the best affordable computer at flight simulators but now even cell phones and the Raspberry Pi are better. 3D hardware would allow more than FPS games but also overhead 3D games and all new 3D effects. Some people say that new classic Amiga hardware is against the philosophy of the Amiga but I think not innovating violates the original (Jay Miner) Amiga philosophy.

Originally Posted by daxb View Post
I agree to this. Further, if someone fears limitations are lost or gone. It is unnecessary because you have or can have the same limitations as the old Hardware has when it comes to creative work. E.g. with Protracker the limitations are equal. Nearly the same goes for DPaint/PPaint. Programming just becomes more comfortable (faster compile time, higher screen resolution). Working becomes faster (response time) then on modern pc. Overall you get more freedom in doing things what you still liked as on OCS/AGA/RTG Amiga. I don`t see any real disadvantages. At least if you are not fixed on old hardware itself or have very special definition of "original".
Certainly more people are choosing to develop on more modern hardware whether the Amiga or not. It seems natural to give them a more modern Amiga to save time and focus on being creative.

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