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My goodness,

"You chose not to answer this part at all. "
- Why should we? This was not what we've asked for!

Regarding our email conversation, this is the content of mine:
> Dear Jens,
> Hope you doing good.
> I don't know if you've received my last email.
> We're going to re-launch our KS campaign to manufacture new Amiga 1200
> cases.
> As we've licensed Amiga Inc, our new cases are going to be 100% as
> original case, including the AMIGA logo on top of them.
> We're looking to create a Special Edition limited case, which will
> include the Keyrah V2 and a Raspberry Pi2.
> So we'd be honored if you'd be ok for us to add Individual Computers on
> the partners section of our coming Kickstarter page, as well as on our
> soon to come updated website.
> Of course, all necessary Keyrah V2 for these Special Editions are going
> to be ordered from you directly.

And my answer after yours which was containing your "help" proposal:


Thank you for taking time over your busy schedule to answer us.
Your address database is certainly much larger than mine indeed for things related to the Amiga market & people.

When mistakes arise course of action is either moving off or learning from them. I like to say i'm from the latter.
By contacting you we were certainly not asking for anything free.

Reading your words carefully, i don't think you'll have any time to invest in that regarding your schedule as you clearly stated.

Whatever solution we come with, even if it's not the perfect one you'd come with with your contacts, we'll propose it to the community.

I thank you very much for your kind answer,

Best regards,

You can note that my email response was politely telling you this is not what we've asked for. And should we met any issue we'll fix it.
The partnership here was solely to add you LOGO as the cases are compatible with Keyrah. Nothing fancy here.

What did you expect ?

So from a simple email containing nothing, you made all these funny stories

Over here.
I can't wait to meet you though.

I'm sure we'll find a way to understand ourselves, i'm actually pretty sure of that.

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