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you claim I'm wrong, sources claim you're wrong. My sources may be wrong, just using the bio you're publishing on Kickstarter as their only source of information. So how about some extension to that? Name of the shipping company, photos of your box(es), references to successful projects, introduction of your team members. I can't find any of that, but I *may* stand corrected if you provide that. It may even help getting your project across that 125.000,- EUR goal, because all that missing information actually fuels the appearance of a not-so-well-planned one-man show.

About our eMail conversation: I'm aware that you did not ask for help. However, you *did* ask for a partnership. It was even in the subject of the e-mail, which you chose yourself. Let me quote the last paragraph of my eMail answer to you, dated august 24th, 2015, 14:48:

What I could think of is to lead a new project that is putting more
knowledge into managing this: Both in project coordination and in
consulting more experienced people. I can imagine to lead such
a project, but not to work as a partner under a leadership that
doesn't correct known mistakes.
You chose not to answer this part at all. With the rest of my eMail being mostly a "no", you still chose to use Keyrah V2 for a special edition. No problem here, I'll sell anyone any quantity of Keyrah V2. It still has a funny taste, as you've asked for my OK in your eMail dated august 24th, 2015, 12:42.

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