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Originally Posted by kolla View Post
Oh for crying out loud... Jens, the question was not for you.
This thread is about my products. eXeler0's question has made a connection between my name and Phil's Kickstarter project. I felt the need to make clear that I do not want this connection to be made.

Originally Posted by Overflow View Post
Regarding Amiga Reloaded board, will we be able to connect an Apollo Accelerator to it?
You can certainly connect one, and it may even work (to the degree that an Apollo card can be regarded as "working"), but I won't support it. If you choose to build an Amiga with that combination of motherboard+CPU card, you're on your own.

Originally Posted by trixster View Post
Will my blizzard accelerator work with this new motherboard?
Same here: I'll make timing of the Amiga Reloaded as compatible as possible, but please don't expect product support. The actual meaning of this condition can be seen on the ACA500: Blizzard cards work for many people, and I have even answered a few e-Mails, but if you don't get it to work, don't blame me. If you want product support my means of "I want someone to make things work", please go for a recommended CPU card. It may even happen that I'll put a Blizzard card on the "recommended" list, but at this point, I will only promise that it'll work with the ACA1232, ACA1233, ACA1220 and ACA1221.

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