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Tanks Furry v.0.3a special retrokomp 2015 Demo Edition!
Please notice that the game isnt finished, many things will change
in the future

Amiga 1200, to avoid some sound troubles
please start game without startup-sequence.

Game was tested on:
amiga 1200 4mb fast, amiga 1200 blizzard 040/40 16mb fast.

Pawel Nowak (juen) - ASM code!
Krzysztof Matys (koyot1222) - gfx
Marcin Swiech (doomer)- sfx

- version 0.2a and 0.3a of game, dont have title menu, just hit button fire to start the game.
- move tank by pressing joystick or joypad direction
- shoot tanks by pressing fire button
- end of game - destroy all enemy tanks until they destroy your base.

S-speed-increase your speed
D-defence-temporary tank defence
P-power-increase your fire power
F-frozen-temporary freeze all visible enemy tanks
B-bomb-all visible enemy tanks will explode
N-nuke-warp to next mission!
Death Face-lethal suprise! Delete all previous collected timeless powerups.

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