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Originally Posted by ppcamiga1 View Post
I can explain problem with akira,ReadOnlyCat,thormam with an example.
This is what I as developer feel when some people try to force developers to return to retro and a500 style coding.

People like akira,ReadOnlyCat,thormam should accept fact that majority of Amiga developers, who has been with the Amiga after 1992 use os and don't care about
commodore hardware.
P[e]ople like akira,ReadOnlyCat,thormam should accept that and do not try to change this.
Stating an opinion is not "asking people to change", I never said "you must stop using this system" and I never will.
People should do what they like, but it does not seem outrageous to ask them to call a cat a cat instead of a flying penguin.

Also, this is the first time I read about AmigaDOS being used because of its "retro OS" appeal (*). If you are into retro-Amiga-OS-only, then all good, moreover that allows you to use the modern CPUs of your PCs and Macs so no accelerating issues. I see no logical inconstencies here.

As eXeler0 said, many creatures just are not logically consistent when talking about their retro-Amiga passion. I will learn to deal with it I promise.

By all means do what you love and be happy, that is all I wish for.

(*) Update: actually I am wrong, ptyerman mentioned something like that in another thread but I had forgotten about it.

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