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Originally Posted by ppcamiga1 View Post
People like akira,ReadOnlyCat,thormam should accept fact that majority of Amiga developers, who has been with the Amiga after 1992 use os and don't care about
commodore hardware.
You speak for yourself. I doubt that there is a majority behind such statements. Retro-computing, playing the old games of your youth on A500 and A1200, is what made the scene stronger during the last years. It is the original Commodore hardware which makes people return to the Amiga.

a500 style coding was nice, but it is not our hobby.
Our hobby is making software for Amiga OS.
Which software did you write for AmigaOS? I did a lot of that. Also for NG Amigas.
But I still enjoy going back to a plain A500 and write games in 68k assembler, hitting the OCS chipset directly. It's fun.
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