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I can explain problem with akira,ReadOnlyCat,thormam with an example.

Imagine a man who last time used a PC when standard PC was 286 with VGA.

This man after 20 years saw pc with windows. And now he tells developers:

Windows is crap, you should throw away everything you done in last 20 years,

and return to programming dos and hardware bang vga card.

Dos is very good os. You should use it.

Developer tell this man you are idiot, we do not throw away everything what we made for windows in last 20 years and return to dos, get lost.

But this moron still try to convert developers from use windows and return to dos.

This is what I as developer feel when some people try to force developers to return to retro and a500 style coding.

People like akira,ReadOnlyCat,thormam should accept fact that majority of Amiga developers, who has been with the Amiga after 1992 use os and don't care about
commodore hardware.

For many reasons, mainly because every amiga made after 1992 has cpu faster than chipset, and writing software that use for example hardware bang blitter is simply stupid.

a500 style coding was nice, but it is not our hobby.
Our hobby is making software for Amiga OS.

Pople like akira,ReadOnlyCat,thormam should accept that and do not try to change this.
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