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It's also for Amiga:
/Commodore_Amiga/TOSEC/Compilations/Games (TOSEC-v2012-12-20_CM)/Astronut & Wise Man - Simpsons & Pick Out & Top Cat & Castle Wolfenstein (1991)(Valhalla).zip
/Commodore_Amiga/TOSEC/Games/Public Domain - [ADF] (TOSEC-v2012-12-24_CM)/Castle Wolfenstein (19xx)(Section 8).zip
/Commodore_Amiga/TOSEC/Games/Public Domain - [ADF] (TOSEC-v2012-12-24_CM)/Castle Wolfenstein (19xx)(Section 8)[f Airwares][h Astronut - Wise Man].zip
/Commodore_Amiga/TOSEC/Games/Public Domain - [ADF] (TOSEC-v2012-12-24_CM)/Castle Wolfenstein (19xx)(Section 8)[m intro removed].zip
but I think you need to know keyboard layout.
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