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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
Will the success or failure of the current A1200 case kickstarter have an effect on those of you who are considering a "reloaded" mobo?
Not at all. Phillipe has made severe mistakes in planning his project, and refused to accept suggestions made by me - suggestions that would have saved him a good 40.000,- EUR. In addition to that, he failed to plan all the infrastructure that's required to actually process over 600 orders of fairly large parcels. I truly wish him the best, and that is "not reaching the financing goal". If that project reaches the financing goal, Phillipe will crack under the pressure of things that he did not plan. Just positioning yourself in front of a big machine and making the cases does not get the product safely and in time to the customer.

Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
Or are most of you fine with slaughtering your current machines and put the mobo in it?
No need to. There is a much better A1200 case project in the works, and it's been in the works for much longer than Phillipe is trying to collect money. As a result, that other project is much more elaborate, and it requires a lot less money. Even if that new case is not 100% identical to the A1200 case, it carries a lot more Amiga spirit, as it is delivering more flexibility at a lower price.

I learned about that project last saturday at the Amiga30-show in Neuss, Germany, and I've had a "Blues Brothers moment": I have seen the light ;-) It's the right ideas put into the right order. I fully support that other project, and once it goes into it's financing phase (also through Kickstarter), you will also see an official connection to the Amiga Reloaded board. I cannot share any more information about this case, as I have promised to keep details confidential.

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