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Originally Posted by Cpt. Hindsight View Post
It's the same model as the one sold in a Tekken 6 bundle, but without the fancy imprints. Maybe it's easier to find it that way.

I guess I just had luck there were just eight bids and to my own surprise, nobody was willing to bid more than me (which was exactly 30 incl. shipping, got it for 28.77 incl. shipping).

btw: If you want to use it just for WinUAE, did you think about a 9-pin to usb converter? You could use your usual Amiga joysticks this way and imho that adds a lot of immersion to emulating an Amiga. Connecting it to a PS3 will be an issue though. I don't think any adapter will be compatible to it.
Yeah I figured it was the Tekken 6 bundle stick. There's a few on sale but without bluetooth dongle. I'll wait for a complete sale of one.

I did think about that converter. But I'll keep my 9pin amiga star cursor joystick for my real amiga. Not only that the price is too step in my opinion. For the same price I could get a hori which is compatible with ps3 & pc which both platforms I use for amiga emulation.

Out of curiosity I wonder if the dreamcast mayflash usb adaptor will allow me to use my dreamcast arcade stick with a ps3? If the adaptor converts the signal to usb why wouldn't it work?
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