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Originally Posted by ransom1122 View Post
I can't find Cpt. Hindsights wireless stick anywhere?
It's the same model as the one sold in a Tekken 6 bundle, but without the fancy imprints. Maybe it's easier to find it that way.

I guess I just had luck there were just eight bids and to my own surprise, nobody was willing to bid more than me (which was exactly 30 incl. shipping, got it for 28.77 incl. shipping).

btw: If you want to use it just for WinUAE, did you think about a 9-pin to usb converter? You could use your usual Amiga joysticks this way and imho that adds a lot of immersion to emulating an Amiga. Connecting it to a PS3 will be an issue though. I don't think any adapter will be compatible to it.
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