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Originally Posted by Steve T View Post
I want to get one of those for an old Pentium PC, but for Amiga you don't need that disk on module, mainly it has a much higher transfer rate than a CF or SD, way more than you need:

Sustained Read
Sustained Write

Amiga will do what? 3mb/s at best?

Plus seeing how it plugs directly into the port on a motherboard, you'd need an additional cable to make it work, one with a male and a female end otherwise it will probably prevent the case from closing and the keyboard from sitting properly.

You can get 4gb of storage plus the adapter for a third of that, hard part is getting a genuine sandisk or whatever, and one which is compatible.
I use a cheapo Transcend 4GB CF(133x) which works perfectly well. cost me about 3 quid from eBay some months ago.

The adapter was the same, cost about 2-3 quid. I'd recommend buying a wifi card just to ease the annoyance that is file transfers. The only expense I don't know about is the short baby IDE cable. the one in my A1200 has been in 3 different '1200s over the decades
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