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Originally Posted by BuZz View Post
I assume from your comment you don't contribute to open source ?
Huh? When did I say anything anti open source exactly?
My point was not about whether open source is good or bad, you must have misunderstood what I wrote.

Originally Posted by BuZz View Post
[plenty of open source uses]

Amiga software benefits massively from open source. Where do you think the compilers come from ? We are not all using SAS/C.

In your view, when SAS/C was abandoned we should have all remade a new closed source Compiler.. Funnily enough, there is no point reinventing the wheel every time..
That view of mine exists only in your head.
You seem to make a lot of assumptions about what I want which I never wrote nor implied. You really ought to re-read my post.

Picture me as a nice fluffy purring kitten while you do so, this should exorcise any negative assumptions before you have a chance to write them.
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