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the PPC was about the worst thing that could have happened to the Amiga
the red vs blue war wasnt caused by the choice of cpu, otherwise it would be aros vs mos/os4. the problem with ppc was imho (im just a user) that it resulted with overcomplicated and overpriced solutions to behin with, and made a budget hardware from the start almost impossible.

I have the highest respect for the OS4 team and Gideon
you are probably talking of people you know and deal with personally. i lack this perspective. i have to judge the achivements vs problems, promises and expectations. looking from here individuals within os4 team may be well competent and gifted, no doubt, but the track of record as a whole doesnt convince me that essential problems are to be overcome within years, maybe even decades.

what concerns ultimateppc, i doubt one throws the towel on a project which came so far and has been invested in that much, without a reason. personally i think the problem with ultimateppc was probably not even technical but conceptional one. the ppc part/bus practically being isolated from 68k/amiga side doesnt make much sense to me as an expansion. rather the ppc side should be designed as standalone, which is what we are witnessing now. thats much more reasonable so far, admittedly.

Coldfire? That's a totally different story. There was only one person on it
one person? i could count at least three attempts, an a3/4k coldfire cpu card design. the elbox approach (being demoed working, but not giving a desirable boost?) and the natami team. natami team has been given development boards by gensi, even though gunnar has been warned on a1k, him being still coldfire concept supporter. im not sure what they have tried or not, but they have given up. for good reason i guess. i would hate to see another block of incompatible binaries appearing on aminet, even if the system had been patched to boot on cf.
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