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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
maybe as pointless as it was to discuss ultimateppc, when it has been pointed out how this was an unneccessary effort, and apparently it occured to be truth. similarly it has been argued that coldfire is not suitable for 68k replacement, people tried anyway, retried, and realized that it was really the case.
Errmm.. wait. First of all, everybody should know by now that I believe the PPC was about the worst thing that could have happened to the Amiga (mostly because of that red vs. blue war). However, I have the highest respect for the OS4 team and Gideon - I do believe that both have the required skills to make it happen. However, Gideon obviously chose to spend his spare time in a different way. Now the OS4 team is on the same CPU, and I am pretty sure that they wouldn't have started this work if there's no perspective for success.

Coldfire? That's a totally different story. There was only one person on it, and he chose to do what he could do a lot better: Stay within his core business (to deal with boats if I remember right). In other words: There was never any serious effort to use a Coldfire processor in the Amiga. That's "for good reason" in my opinion: While the Coldfire attempts to be binary-compatible, but behaves differently on *implemented* commands, the OS4 core team member I talked to claimed that implemented FPU commands work as they should, and unimplemented commands throw an exception. Although I haven't read any details in a datasheet, I trust Cosel Mincea on this: The P1022 may have an FPU with fewer commands, but it also provides the bits&pieces to work around that, just like the 68060 did.

Originally Posted by wawa View Post
the board here has been publicly presented while an amiga gathering, provoking expectations and discussion, you cannot now blame the public for it. you simply shouldnt have shown it off. there were much more interesting developments out there like apparently working natami board or sonnet warpos accelerator. we could now spend time talking of them instead.
Sure - but in a different thread, please. This one is about Tabor - something that has all chances to become a working alternative for OS4.

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