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Originally Posted by TTSAddict View Post
Thats good to hear, will make bleaching easier. However I *was* talking about the monitors guts in my opening post too. I already opened it up, the back went off nice but I can't seperate the tube from the front plastic. There is some sticky dust coat over everything, its really disgusting. I don't know if I can just brush its guts off with soapy water without damaging something.
Hopefully you know this already but be careful poking around inside a CRT monitor, massive electric shock risk!

Originally Posted by Steve T View Post
Most people just use the sun, a cold sunny day or two in northern europe might be perfect as the solution won't dry out as fast. GL with that cat-piss thing btw.
Yes from my various retrobrite experiments I agree weak direct sunlight is best, around October or April. In the height of summer the sun is too hot and just dries the solution out too quickly.
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