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Originally Posted by Steve T View Post
I did think it was WHDload, but having played Zool2 from Gotek images more recently it still has more slowdown over the ECS! Also not really keen on the AGA backgrounds...

And CE just looks so awful on AGA maybe it just 'seems' to play worse because of this, i haven't gone to trouble of measuring framerates, enjoyment being sorta subjective.
is whdload yes I guarantee you that zool 2 and CE both games runs smooth and perfect from floppy

chaos engine aga is more colorful, but is fact that all the other 256 ports pc,snes etc uses idem gfx and palette

the atari ST and the megadrive version uses idem graphics as the amiga OCS version,because megadrive and atari ST can't work in 256 colors

surely the original gfx are these ones, then have been enhanced to work at 256 colors
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