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Originally Posted by Steve T View Post
a CF card and IDE adapter seem to work well for internal HDD's, very cheap. You can use SD too with a different adapter.

Replace the floppy with a Gotek perhaps, lets you read disk images from a USB.

Have you heard of 'Retrobrite'? you can make your own for brightening plastic, look it up
If its possible, then I think I'll go the SDcard route. There are already so much of these flying about here, might actually put them to a good use after all.

The Gotek sounds intriguing, however I think I'll stick with a real floppy drive for sake of retro feeling. Critical games could still be played from HD (Indiana Jones 4 anyone? )
Heck I even have a BIG CRT television in my basement, saved for a purpose like this. I'll still refurbish this Commodore display though, maybe can find a C64 to accompany the miggy.

I never heard of 'retrobrite' but I looked it up. Seems pretty easy to do, you can get Hydrogen peroxide in the local pharmacies. Hmm I'd still need an UV lamp. I wanted to buy one anyway to find cat markings (urine is supposed to glow under UV light... sorry for derailing :P )

Originally Posted by edd_jedi View Post
Unfortunately it's very hard to get rid of the smoke smell as it goes far deeper than just the case, the inside of the monitor will stink too. But to get rid of the gross waxy coating just use a brush and soapy water. I bought a Commodore 1942 a while back that I thought was yellow from degradation, 90% of it however washed off!
Thats good to hear, will make bleaching easier. However I *was* talking about the monitors guts in my opening post too. I already opened it up, the back went off nice but I can't seperate the tube from the front plastic. There is some sticky dust coat over everything, its really disgusting. I don't know if I can just brush its guts off with soapy water without damaging something.

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