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Originally Posted by edd_jedi View Post
Here's a couple of comparison shots:

It would have been better if the fore and back looked like the same environment; contrasting a warm tropical looking beach with a rocky shoreline complete with fir trees.

At least its not overwhelmingly jazzy like some AGA ports, but shows how little thought went into it, or how little time they had to complete it - probably just a graphic they had laying around on disk, slapped it in and wrote AGA on the box

I much prefer the ECS versions of Zool2 and The Chaos Engine over the AGA versions, they both play better and ECS CE definitely looks much better with its muddier palette, yep the AGA version even manages to look worse, IMHO, and I don't think it displays more colours on screen at once, it just manages to make worse selections from the broader AGA palette, just so it looks slightly different in screen shots.

Unfortunately this was probably too often the case with AGA, poor choices, quick, cash-in conversions and worse performance so a developer (to be fair, probably cash-strapped and already pulling crazy hours) can re-release the same game.

I don't really blame the coders or the artists...
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