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Lightbulb Upgrading/Refurbishing an A1200

Hi folks I recently got gifted an A1200 with a 1084s-d1, the owner wanted to throw it away...!! Can't believe it.
The Miggy is working, though I'd need a new harddisk because its very loud and makes funny noises. I'm thinking about an SSD or SDCard solution, but it has to be internal, since I need the PCMCIA port for an ethernet card. I also doubt that there are SSDs as small as 4Gigs available anymore (if they ever were). I know there are controllers that use SDCards, but for all I know they go into the pcmcia slot. Any recommendations?

I already found a list of compatible ehternet cards. Thought about WiFi but since its impossible to get it WPA2 compatible, I quickly dropped that idea.
I also got myself one of these Jerry+ thingies for USB-mice
Propably need a new floppy drive as well or just clean it thoroughly.

What badly NEEDS cleaning anyway is that CRT Display. Its yellow (not only Commodore hardwares typical sun tan but NICOTINE as well) it stinks and the interior is so dirty that I despise touching it with bare hands. It works but I have to clean it before using otherwise I'll never get that stench out of the room the next few months.

What do you recommend for achieving it? I got 20 litres of distilled water here. Maybe that and a toothbrush or even soapy tapwater and then rinse with distilled water afterwards? I wouldn't hesitate to do that to any modern electronic parts, but I'm afraid this old bugger would keep some moisture inside of some parts and then rotting away or even short circuiting, despite looking dry.
Aaaaaaaand: The mains switch is broken, it won't snap and stay on. Anybody knows of a specific rocker switch that might fit into that hole?

Last question... is there a way to bleach the plastic case of the CRT (How do you remove the front plastic part holding the tube? Can't get it off...)
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