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Custom Amiga Setups in WinUAE

Hi all

First let me say a big Hello! I'm new to the forum although been a long-time Amiga fan since my Amiga 600 (Lemmings Pack IIRC) way back in '92 (still working, survived being stolen once and then returned by police, and now with a HDD installed a few years ago. I'm very fond of her!)


I have been emulating with WinUAE on and off over the years, and having moved to Berlin I'm now without hardware and playing with WinUAE again.
I've only ever really built setups of standard H/W configs (mostly A600) so excuse my ignorance, but I'm playing around now with custom configs, and trying different combos of hardware, but would really like to find a matrix or some sort of documentation of different combinations of hardware and roms etc, compatibility, what doesn't work etc. I can only find lists of the standard hardware. I'm looking to create my own 'ultimate' build, if you will.

Does anyone know of such a thing? Anything where other peoples experiences have shown working combinations.

I'm also fairly ignorant about h/w requirements for different versions of WB and various games (of which I pleasingly have ADFs from my original disks!) so any help there would be appreciated, although I would assume it's different from game to game.

Thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to help!

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