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Hi Richard,

glad to have you here.

Keep up the good work and see you soon,

Patrick aka viddi

Originally Posted by buzzybee View Post
Hi guys! May I join the discussion? Richard L÷wenstein is my name, I┤m the sole coder of the AGA-shoot┤em-up RESHOOT.

First let me tell you, that it┤s going to be quite awesome if I may so :-)

I had the opportunity to show a first techdemo recently in the german town of Neuss, where a 30 Jahre Amiga event was held. What you could already see there is a scrolling engine running at full framerate, blitting some big objects (upto 128 x 128 pixels) onto the screen and throwing around 100 DMA-controlled sprites. What you could not see, is a game engine able to manage lots of moving objects in a quite sophisticated manner, enabling smoothly animated waves of targets. That┤s what RESHOOT will be all about - bullet hell chaos. My target is a game as playable and polished as Silkworm or Hybris. Certainly not as big, maybe not as beautiful, but very smooth and playable nonetheless.

I┤m totally aware that one video speaks louder than a thousand words (german proverb :-) ), so to have one published: that┤s one of my main goals for the forthcoming weeks.
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