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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
@ReadOnlyCat its not the logic in your reasoning thats at fault here. Its your expectation that everyone else will have a logical approach to their love for retro things. ��
We have all lived different lifes and we all have our personal frame of reference. Just leave it at that. If someone wants to try to run Quake 3 on an OCS Amiga.. let them - without questioning the logic or reasons. Just sit back and enjoy your own personal Amiga experiences ;-)
To each his own. For sure. That is precisely what I said in my preamble.

My point was that people should realize what they are really doing and what they are doing is lingering and fiddling with a zombified corpse.

Letting go things that are gone forever and will not come back is much more enjoyable. People will become happier and more active Amiga users once they come to terms with the fact that their loved one is gone.

People mistake their innate and natural pre-adulthood enthusiasm with having to do with the Amiga: it hasn't, it is just how humans grow. My father does not have a shred of nostalgia for 8 bit/16 bit computers, what was magical for him were the things he saw as a child/young adult.
Even damn Atari ST users look at the machine with nostalgic awe and we all know that machine sucked in about every respect compared to the Amiga.

It is not the Amiga we regret, it's having an Amiga while being a kid.
And that prevents many people for enjoying the present day, which in my opinion is a serious psychological problem: letting go is the best thing one can learn in life to become happy and active.

Those better past days are an artifact of how our brains grow. Letting these rose tinted views go will make your enjoyment of the Amiga ten times better. We live in wonderful days, even more so than back then, realizing that does not make the Amigas any less enjoyable but it definitely helps getting rid of this lingering negativity about these mythical "good old days".

Stop regretting. Stop asking for new things. Learn, code, solder. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Edit: and I must apologize if I am using too strong or opiniated language. I guess I am also too passionate about the topic to present my thoughts in a neutral manner. I sure hope I will not antagonize anyone. I sure love every Amiga loving kitten regardless of their retro-orientation!

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