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A rewind function would be more useful, very handy for platformers etc but again its merely a non emulation feature which isn't Toni's main aim, get the emulation as good as possible with the emulation of certain extra hardware.

I'm not trying to be rude, just saying that Toni only has so much free time that very kindly donates to this project and naturally its more likely he will work on emulation.

And yes, one man's non feature may be great for someone else but I seriously doubt there's that many people who would use it, at the moment you can skip ahead at warp, ok its not exact for the user but its not been made as being anything other than a warp mode. A rewind mode might actually help in this area as well as being a handy tool for gamers.

BUT, is that worth dev time for Toni, I doubt it..

Trust me, I know what you are saying but its more work than a config change, he's got to make sure the warping keeps the system stable, further adjusting it only makes it all much harder leading to moans that the warp mode broke a game. Technically if you want to play a game safely you should make sure the emulator is running as close to a real Amiga as possible and following the game / programs required KS and hardware, any fancy non world tweaks only improve the chance of a dreaded guru and the fun is dead then.
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