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New from Germany ...

Hi guys!

I´m not really new to the emulation or Amiga scene, but new to this forum - so a nice and warm Welcome to everyone!

May I introduce myself: My name is Richard Löwenstein. The o with two points on top, if you are curious, that´s something we call Umlaut in Germany. It´s pronounced a bit like the o in "word".

I live in the southern part of Germany and work as journalist right now, sometimes still reviewing recent games. I used to write and lead Germanys Amiga Joker magazine and develop a couple of games (but mostly on C64). North Sea Inferno and Twinky goes hiking, for example.

If you had a look at Sam Dyers fabulous book "Amiga Commpendium" recently: I had the honor to contribute a couple of reviews. "Silkworm" for example, one of my top five favorite games on the Amiga.

A good friend of mine gave me a hint that there is discussion going on here about my forthcoming new Amiga AGA-game RESHOOT - at a time when I have not even really announced development yet. So I thought, why not join the discussion and see if there are some ideas floating around.

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