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From bedrooms to billions: The amiga years! - official film trailer

Originally Posted by lifeschool View Post
We made the first stretch goal today! So we've now collectively managed to get a 2.5 hour movie and a 2.0 hour extras package. Just a few more K and we'll get a 5 hour package in total.

Bonus Disc Kickstarter:
1,030 backers
20,364 pledged of 15,000 goal
17 days to go

(note: its 17 days to go, perhaps if we make 25k by 14 days, they'll be forced to add 3.0 3.5 4.0 hours?)
(note 2: just want to make it clear I'm not connected with this project except as a fan who wants lots of footage)

You guys tried to get Netflix to publish your movie? They seem to have a number of documentaries on the old atari et game, synth machines etc. so they do offer documentaries in the genre.
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