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Strange to hear the same old stuff being talked about 25 plus years later remember the x86 cards that out preformed a standalone pc or mac version which gave u a mac inside. Amiga has always been about using older Commodore/Amiga hardware with options to add extra. Why cant we have a 4000/3000/1200 expansion which then allows us to run linux or os 4.2 beside or beloved 3 series os what it means is one box 2 monitors if your greedy. Purist will see this has been Amiga since the kcs pc upgrade came out for the 500. I have been blessed to see the revelotion from the beginning watching with amazement as new types of computer goodies hit the market to my ultimate dream of working fixing amigas pcs and mac. My problem now is it has all been done now games are boring after a few days intel keep revamping the same old chip Amd Have flopped taking Radeon with them the xbox one is no better that the 360 kids today have lost the fun of new firms. Hell i had to learn 6 different loading patterns for discs and tapes and u know what it was brillant. So getting back to Amiga if guys can raise cash for a case then time the new fpga card came out for the 4000 and 1200 and helped us remember our roots.
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