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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
Oh, so you do not disable interrupts while AmiDuke is running?

I guess that given how CPU intensive AmiDuke must be this must have a negligible impact on performance but have you measured if this made a difference?
Nope, all my ports keep multitasking in case you want to play an MP3 in the background

Obviously not disabling interrupts makes my ports slightly slower but I prefer to code my stuff in a WB 'friendly' way.

Side note: ScummVM RTG is quite interesting because it actually runs two WB screens at two different resolutions and then swaps between them on the fly

Another note: I do sometimes provide a ToolType option 'CLOSE_WB' that attempts to suspend WB while my games are being played but I didn't bother to include that option with AmiDuke.
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