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Hi Mclane, I hear you. But one person's non feature sometimes is another person's highly useful feature. I'm coming at this from the angle of playing games. The current warp feature is so quick that it becomes counterproductive in that context. Try to skip some load time and you easily end up skipping yourself into crashing a Lotus, lose the world cup and massacre hundreds of lemmings and more - all with a press of warp button! Emulators for other platforms like the Libretro project do have customizable speedup and it is quite a useful thing once you have it. (Some also have rewind which is very fun to play around with but that is a topic for another day.)

Toni, I'm not sure if you with the last bit meant that it is a no go or that it might happen only as a config variable setting (not through the GUI). Hoping for the latter but thank you anyway for the great work you do on winUAE.
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