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Originally Posted by Interceptor View Post
Colin, have you looked into maybe 3D printed disk drive holders?

the citizen drives are pretty rare and something that always put me off using a pc drive was the front plates always looked pretty bad. years have passed and i'm thinking now its perhaps on the horizon that a nice replacement could be made?
Nope. I've never looked at 3D printing myself. As a one man operation I can't look into everything - Time/money/demand/fun* always have to factor into what I do.

To date I just cut existing drive bezels or plain blanking plates for people to fit around the PC drives when required. This was how brand new SAMs from 1994-1998 were made after stocks of the slimline Citizen, and later slimline NEC drives ran out. There was no choice than using regular PC drives in new machines.

*fun - yes! fun My SAM stuff is still my hobby! Normal day to day work and life get in the way of it all ... but just now I am tinkering with some interesting new hardware, as well as trying to keep focus on keeping the SAM Revival magazine going, having just completed the rather large issue 25!
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