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Toni Wilen
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Finally feature-complete. Including 64-bit JIT and 64-bit PPC support.

Beta 16:

- Added Mediator 1200SX autoconfig data.
- Added support for 68020+ CPU floating bus data when clock chip is not connected (Not yet correctly emulated, need accurate CPU cycle sequence and more)
- SPS plugin was not searched from all supported directories.
- Don't add fake uae boot rom expansion board if "hide uae expansions" is enabled.
- FPU FPCR and FPIAR was swapped in disassembler.
- CIA-B TOD accurate cycle counting code used CIA-A "is tod on?" variable.. (2.7.x or somewhere close)
- Use official AD1848 crystal value in Toccata emulation (24.576MHz), it seems some Toccata boards have correct crystals and some not exactly correct (For example 24.582MHz). Now 48000Hz output is exactly 48000Hz. (was 48011)
- 64-bit JIT FPU rounding mode fix and other 64-bit FPU fixes. (Frode)
- 64-bit QEMU PPC plugin fixed (Frode)
- Added memory accesses only -cycle-exact mode. In this mode CPU does not internally count cycles, only external memory accesses are counted, including chipset DMA contention. (This was previously only used when 68040/060 and cycle exact was enabled). 68020+ only, at least for now. More compatible (prefetch + caches) also required.
- GUI disk eject button worked unreliably if disk was inserted and then immediately ejected.
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