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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
Oh, damn. That will teach me to believe that price = quality.
Thanks for these details.

But the problem with sites like Shoriuken is that there really isn't a consistent opinion: everyone have their own preferences and many will recommend modding which frankly isn't necessary for 99% of us who do not participate to Street Fighter competitions and have no intent to.
Every time I visit them I end up equally undecided as before.

But clearly I missed the consensus on the bad aspects of the X-Arcade so thanks again for pointing it out!
Hey if you are happy with the stick then that's cool. I personally loved the huge size of the large tank stick (I didn't have the version with the trackball on) and more than anything it felt like the arcade just due to the scale of it! ...but from my own experience (and I guess from others too on the interwebs) I'm really not sure I'd recommend it to others?

Originally Posted by Titler View Post
Or you could just go true old school and get a USB Competition Pro: I have one of these, and it's a bit fiddly with a single button joystick having four different fire buttons, as they weren't designed with reaching them all at different times in mind... but they've got the good old fashioned solid feel to them and well worth getting.
I picked up one of these off ebay last month for playing uae4all on my Ouya. It's defo got the nostalgia look to it but again I'm not sure I'd recommend these as the quality isn't as good as the ones from 30 odd years ago (just search eab and others will tell you all the issues)? I do like that it does support more than one independent fire button though which is something the original couldn't do (so makes emulation easier).

Again everyone will have there own opinions on the stick they prefer.. my personal weapon of choice for emulation currently isn't even a stick but the official Sega Saturn SLS USB pads that were out years ago (not the horrible cheap white knock offs doing the rounds on ebay now)...
...although you'd need to remortgage your house to afford them as they are long out of print and go for silly prices.
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