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Originally Posted by Baboon View Post
I used to own a X-arcade tank stick a few years ago for emulation and although I liked the size of the stick it was actually IMO pretty awful to use and really not worth the money at all!

X-arcade sticks are renowned for using cheap parts and have input lag (I guess you could swap out all the parts but then that's more cost on top?) - If you ask anyone that's experienced with arcade sticks (just google sites like SRK, shoryuken etc) they will tell you X-Arcade is not worth the money and to be avoided.
Oh, damn. That will teach me to believe that price = quality.
Thanks for these details.

But the problem with sites like Shoriuken is that there really isn't a consistent opinion: everyone have their own preferences and many will recommend modding which frankly isn't necessary for 99% of us who do not participate to Street Fighter competitions and have no intent to.
Every time I visit them I end up equally undecided as before.

But clearly I missed the consensus on the bad aspects of the X-Arcade so thanks again for pointing it out!
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