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Well, I can see both sides of the "argument".

I got my decently specced Wintel PC in the office with 2x23 inch monitors for my office work, browsing and to a decreasing degree gaming.

Next to those monitors sits my monitor hooked up to A1200 connected thru Indivision mk 2. The Amiga was dormant for many years in a box/basement until quite recently. Loading it up to play games brought out many good memories. When I have my semi regular LANs with old friends (we have a bunch of 10-18 people that comes together every 3 months) we all enjoy the typical Amiga games like Galaga, IK+ etc

BUT, when in Workbench I admit my xx years exposed to high resolution thru Wintel has made me spoiled. The Indivision helped alot in that regard. Same with file transfer using USB/SD.
Then there is speed. My Blizzard 30/50 is quite good, but I wouldnt mind a little more speed/memory. High resolutions+many colors slows Workbench down, that aside; Ive actually started using Final Writer instead of LibreOffice just for the hell of it
Again, this is where I wouldnt mind some more speed.
I realise you would have to be quite bonkers to use single screen Amiga for office work instead of dual monitor wintel, but it would be to use WB 3.1 as main OS again.

Considering the low price Majesta seems to target for the Apollo accelerator, I can see why some (myself included) are intrested in that.

A sidecomment; I find myself more impressed by C64 demos than Amiga and PCs, so I guess I agree with ReadonlyCat and Akira on their main point.
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