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I do not mind stuff like playing doom or quake on real amiga hardware. Sure I prefer playing Black Viper or Ruff'n'Tumble since those are more "amiga" feel games. I would love to see more games like that, pushing ECS/AGA to it's limit or simple fun games in that 90's feel.

I understood that there will be always people who like to prove that something is possible on Amiga. Amiga was not made with 3d games in mind for sure. If we get some small and nice cd32 accelerator I would love to see Erok made cd32 doom or duke nukem 3d for his collection, that would be awesome. Also I like idea of porting old ms-dos games like Raptor or Commander Keen, as long as they could be made back then for A500 or A1200 too.
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