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Don't be afraid to risk buying something cheap and cheerful; I picked up the Logic3 Tri-format for 16 more than 10 years ago, and it's still chugging along fine in WinUAE, MAME and fast paced arcade style games like the Ys series on PC. Build quality of the case wasn't perfect, and there was a broken screw inside when it came, but the stick and buttons were solid and worked great and continue to do so...

There was a more recent version available for 30 at Game it seems, but it's sold out. And there's a few Hori sticks on ebay right now, and if you fancied taking a risk, this 20 triformat arcade stick from a Chinese manufacturer. Or you could just go true old school and get a USB Competition Pro: I have one of these, and it's a bit fiddly with a single button joystick having four different fire buttons, as they weren't designed with reaching them all at different times in mind... but they've got the good old fashioned solid feel to them and well worth getting.

Either way, don't feel you have to spent a hundred pounds on something you'll only use every now and then; and don't get suckered into thinking more is necessarily better... you can do "good enough" at a reasonable budget.
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