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I used to own a X-arcade tank stick a few years ago for emulation and although I liked the size of the stick it was actually IMO pretty awful to use and really not worth the money at all!

X-arcade sticks are renowned for using cheap parts and have input lag (I guess you could swap out all the parts but then that's more cost on top?) - If you ask anyone that's experienced with arcade sticks (just google sites like SRK, shoryuken etc) they will tell you X-Arcade is not worth the money and to be avoided.

I own several sticks still though for various systems and all work great with winuae, mame etc (some require adapters to work via usb but still are preferable over the x-aracde stick) and can be found for reasonable prices still online. Below are my favs though...

Dreamcast Sega Arcade stick (oldshcool but a fantastic stick still)

Wii Tatsunoko vs Capopm stick. I've got a couple of these as really think they are great and paid 25 each for them brand new a while ago (you can get a mayflash usb converter too so no need for a wiimote for about a fiver which produces no lag)

Original xbox Nubytech Street Fighter 15th Anniversary stick (I got one of these for 35 on ebay a few years ago - it's not the best on here at at but reminds me of the heavy x-aracde stick - this also needs an xobx to pc adapter but they cost about 4)

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition S - which is my fav by a long margin which I won a few years ago on the Capcom site (you can pick up for about 100 on sites like ebay which although seems pricey it's really well built and sturdy)

I guess its all down to your budget though (and then the possible compromise) and your personal choice...

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