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Just look at the C64 scene. Without outlandish expansions, and truly without expanding the main specs, they push and push the hardware to limits before thought impossible. Nobody cares about replicating the SuperCPU. But the 1541 Ultimate is a great tool to help your C= be current.

I hope the future of Amiga lies more within those lines, of pushing stock hardware limits beyond impossibility, and with peripherals that work as HELPERS to interface our old computers with modern hardware. Bring on software made for stock OCS, ECS and AGA systems. Forget there ever were expansions, forget the feud with otehr systems, forget the "trying to catch up to other platforms", accept the Amiga as it is, which is quite awesome, and embrace it and work with what you have.

Trying to "browse the internet" in an Amiga, or playing DOOM?!. UGH. What's the fun in that?
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