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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Late time Amiga history is really sad and lame like that.
Instead of focusing on producing original stuff, they started to focus on poorly copying PCs. And this is what "Amiga today" is and what "Amiga future" seems to be for a lot of people. A generations behind copycat of what other machines have been able to do for many years.

I'm fine with my 68k machine playing games and using DPaint/Protracker, thanks.
I agree with the Akira kitten.

Sure, I do regret that Amiga is nothing but a zombie trademark and that we will never see future official Amigas ever. But that does not make my A500 any less wonderful than it was in the past and any less worthy of being coded on.

If I want performance or modern OSes and tools I have my Mac and PC for that and no genetically engineered Amiga can beat that in terms of convenience, safety and performance. If I want to have fun mastering a simple yet complex and powerful platform then I am happy to use my Amiga as it was made by Commodore since I know these kittens are far from having been exploited to their limits.

Plenty of challenge, plenty of fun and them being outdated is precisely what makes it interesting. That's where the future of my Amiga lies.
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