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Originally Posted by Decker View Post
1200 systems were running everything between 3.1-3.9 I think... with very resource efficient configurations. Almost every system running Magellan. No Scalos and no pre-packaged setups like ClassicWB on any of them.
Yeah, we've been concentrating more to the functionality than to the looks in our gaming A1200 systems. And avoid patches you don't need to be sure that you have stable system and enough free chipmem to run all games and demos from the booted up system (no need to boot without startup-sequence for any program).

Magellan2 is the most powerful extension to AmigaOS, but still very resource efficient, and you don't need much other commodities/stuff running besides it, it does all you need and is very stable. You'll get fast and comprehensive file listers, startmenus are nice program launchers, everything is consistent etc. And we'll still have chipmem even to launch T-Zer0 and other memory hungry games and programs

I've never been that excited about Scalos, which is quite hacky (MCP roots) and doesn't offer that much afterall. And pre-packaged systems are so far off from my personal taste.. brr.. :P

I think all TAC-2's had microswitch buttons. Blew my mind, I didn't know people do that. I can see the benefit, though.
It's sooo much better for your thumb than the original solution! With microswitches you don't have a dead thumb after long (or even shorter) sessions It's very easy to mod, just some glue and re-wiring couple wires is enough. Here is an example how it looks.
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