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Greetings from Stockton on Tees

Now then,

Long time Amiga owner, first time post on EAB. I am in possession of an Amiga 1200 with the following additions, 4GB CF Hard Drive with Workbench 3.1, GOTEK USB Emulator drive (a pain in the neck so replacing with internal floppy drive) and have just ordered an accelerator to compensate the hard drive's memory usage.

I currently reside in Stockton on Tees and have asked on FaceBook to see if anyone else from the North East has a trusty Amiga. Unfortunately no one has bothered to reply with a civilised answer. Even though I have grown up around using the Amiga it seems people have given up on it.

It's a fantastic machine and still has plenty of life left in it (with some care and attention). So my question is this, how many of you lot hail from the North East and if so be willing to share some knowledge?


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