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Originally Posted by saimon69 View Post
@Jack Burton

I would love to see a tracker variation that can handle sonix-like synth instruments; the synth machine included on Sonix was pretty good and underused in my opinion...
Yes, I always liked Sonix too, it sounded a bit like FM at times. As for FM, I always wished we could use FM on the Amiga (on a hardware level). But halas it's not possible since there are no hardware available (except for the Picasso's audio module which is an OPL 2, IIRC). Amiga has always been PCM and always be, most to my chagrin : you have bazillion PCM cards (and some are still in development) and when you ask about FM people generally do not seem to be interested or even elude the question.
That's regrettable because it would be a nice addition to the Amiga : an FM card for the clockport would probably be doable. When you think you can make song on 8-9 channels at ~50Khz with 12bits resolution for a mere 3KB-5KB it's quite appealing, no ?
Well, at least I can use FM with my MSX2+, but on the Amiga it would be a dream come true !
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