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Originally Posted by ransom1122 View Post
X arcade would be nice but like you did is very expensive. As for a xbox360 controller I don't classify that as an arcade controller at all. It's a joypaf controller.
It is expensive only if you do not factor:
- reliability (great solid build quality)
- duration (lifetime warranty)
- comfort (lots of room, stable, inclined)
- resale value (high reputation, high demand)

If you do not take these factors into account and the fact that the X-Arcade will likely last longer than you then ok, it is expensive. Now if you divide its price by its lifetime, it is a real bargain. (The single player model costs 99$ plus shipping.)

Quality *seems* expensive but it is usually less expensive on the long run if you factor in replacements and problems. Set 10$ aside every month and in one year you will have an X-Arcade. The moment you want to get rid of it you can easily get 50% of its price back.
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