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Originally Posted by Jack Burton View Post
I think it's intended to create sounds similar to the Konami SCC audio chip (as found on some MSX game cartridges) and/or the PC Engine audio chip since it sounds similar too.

Taking this into consideration, I wonder how Antonio Gomez did with his AmiMSX emulator because the SCC(+) chip emulation is pretty good. Anyway only 4 channels are emulated (instead of 5) and the PSG chip isn't emulated. But still...
You can load .HES PC Engine music rips into a sampler and rip the waveforms out directly for use in Protracker. This is how the same method "chipmods" used, using 16/32/64/128 byte sized waveform samples. (Depending on what octave range you wanted) Dunno why he'd need a new tracker really.
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