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What will be the future of the Mac Classic? Of the PC? Of the Archimedes? Atari ST?

The future is either evolution or retro-scene/museums. Artificially boosting these old machines does not make them anymore suited to modern uses and moreover it makes them not-Amiga by definition anyway.

Macs, PCs have evolved far beyond their original designs and will continue. This is not going to happen for the Amiga because a bunch of incompetent idiots currently own the brand and moreover any Amiga architectural advantage was made obsolete long ago.

It is just fine if the Amiga gets the recognition it deserves as a retro platform. There are plenty of new games that can be produced for it which would be both impressive and fun to play. For non-gaming software as I said what would be the point? Both OS and hardware are now crushed in terms of power and features by the cheapest laptops you can find. But the stock Amiga can still impress within their original constraints.
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